Monday, 25 April 2022

 It's been a hell of a long time since I posted anything. Mainly trying to come to terms with the state the world is in at the moment - Covid, Climate Change, War.

Anyway, thought I'd do a quick post.

So far I've managed to avoid Covid, got my fingers crossed that my luck continues to hold.

Younger son and family all caught it in January then older son and family caught it this month. It was inevitable considering they have school aged children and work.

My puppy turned one in March. He is a very big boy and still crazy. Took this photo on his birthday and after he'd been trimmed and groomed. Naturally the first thing he did was run outside into the wet, soggy and muddy ground.

When he hasn't been trimmed he's a big ball of fluff! Oh, and he believes he should always sit on my knee.

Gardenwise - lots of tomatoes this season, kilos and kilos. Also had a great crop of apples. Picked almost four dozen. I made apple jam, apple jelly, and stewed apples. Put some stewed apples in the freezer for later in the year.

Also did well with my little pear tree. It gave me a baker's dozen. Got ten peaches of the little peach tree too. No apricots this year but I didn't expect any as I'd pruned the tree hard last season. Got a marvellous crop of onions - must have got at least six dozen. Beetroot did well also.

Just planted snow peas for the coming season. Still have sweet potatoes growing crazy so expecting I'll get a good yield from them.

My front native garden is looking great. Get lots of native birds visiting each day and it's growing well. I've planted out the side against the house as well so it will soon be a big as the main garden.

When I bought this house everything was dark brown - carpets, kitchen, tiles. I ripped out the carpet from the lounge, hallways, and dining room and put down a floating floor in greyish washed wood colour.

At the end of the year I had a new kitchen put in - all sparkling white.  Got rid of the old light and had three pendants hung. It's amazing what a difference those two things have made to the place. It's more light and feels fresh and clean. Bought a coffee machine that is fabulous - a De'longhi PrimaDonna Soul. It's fully automatic and makes wonderful coffee - and tea. Even linked to my phone so I can turn it on from anywhere when I feel like a

Been struggling mentally lately but thankfully I've been strong enough to resist any temptation to leave this world.

There has been a major problem in the family that is irreparable and it's had a major effect on me. I am slowly coming to terms with it but it is painful and heartbreaking for me.

Times like this I wish I had a partner to lean on but instead I battle on alone. It's damn hard but I always knew I was destined to be alone in my later life. I'm proud of the fact I am able to push aside the 'black dog' and not succumb to his suggestion of the way out.

Wednesday, 11 August 2021


 So now my area is in lockdown. I live in the Lake Macquarie region of NSW.

Selfish people from Sydney (who were in lockdown) came up to Newcastle illegally. They had a beach party with friends from the Newcastle/Hunter area; they went to a few bars, and generally partied. They were Covid-19 positive and so the result was they infected partygoers who then took the virus home.

Now the Newcastle/Hunter region is in lockdown - but still people from Sydney come up here! They come up to their holiday homes, they come up here on the off-chance they can get Pfizer vaccine - stupid because the vaccine we had was taken from our vaccination hub and sent to Sydney for their HSC students! They come up to go to the wineries. They turn up in the area for any damn reason and help spread the virus. 

I'm pissed big time!

The area had managed to stay clear of it but then these selfish individual who don't give a shit come and spread it around. They then lie about where they've been when they get caught. They don't give their full contacts information and so the virus spreads.

There should have been a 'ring of steel' around Sydney as soon as the Delta variant started spreading to the suburbs. There should have been checkposts at the M1 (both at the start heading north & the start going south), the M4 westward, M5, Old Pacific Highway and the A31 (Hume highway).

The Sydney lockdown should have been earlier and harder. Now we have the Delta variant spreading across the state - each day more areas are forced into lockdown.

The numbers of NSW people infected are worse now than when Covid-19 first struck last year. Each day we cringe as we listen to the daily report. Yesterday there were 356 confirmed cases in NSW, 3 more people died. Of these locally acquired cases, 147 are linked to a known case or cluster – 119 are household contacts and 28 are close contacts – and the source of infection for 209 cases is under investigation.

102 cases were in isolation throughout their infectious period and 40 were in isolation for part of their infectious period. 57 cases were infectious in the community, and the isolation status of 157 remains under investigation. The number of people out in the community who are infectious is frankly scary. Granted some are unaware but the number who know they are and who still go out is frightening.

There have now been 5,805 locally acquired cases in NSW since June 16 when the Delta outbreak began and 89 people have died since the beginning of the pandemic.

On 26th August Costco opens about 10 minutes away from me in Lake Macquarie. Normally it wouldn't be a problem. Normally my kids and their families and myself would go. But these are not normal times. There is no way I will be going there. 

But you can bet there will be hundreds, if not thousands flocking there. They will come in from all areas including Sydney. If the opening week won't be a superspreader event I don't know what will.

A few weeks back a few thousand idiots protested in Sydney about lockdown, wearing masks, vaccinations. Now the numbers of cases in Sydney is in the 300s. Was that event a superspreader? Most likely. Will the Costco opening be a superspreader? Most likely.

All I can say is - 

  • Stay safe everyone 
  • Get vaccinated
  • Wear a mask when leaving the house
  • Keep your distance from others
  • Stay away from social gatherings
  • Don't be complacent
  • Don't risk your loved ones health, or anyone's.

Monday, 19 July 2021

Living the Good Life...

 It was a big move for me to sell up my old house of 42 years and move almost 150kms away. I probably would still be living in that house if my sons hadn't moved away (and I'd been in lockdown). 

It's been about 2 1/2 yrs of living in this new area. The Lake Macquarie/Hunter region of NSW is renowned for its proximity to the surf and beaches, for the beautiful lake, for the many national parks and reserves in the area. There are walking trails, cycling trails, lots of markets, plenty of shopping, art and culture.

And lets not forget the Hunter Valley - over 150 wineries, the oldest wine region in Australia, and the delicious cheeses that are made there. On top of that there are lots of local produce, a lovely zoo, lots of lots of things to do and see.

Heavens now I sound like a travel

Anyway back to me. So reading above you get the idea of what a lovely area I now live in. There's a holiday vibe about the place, things are relaxed, people are friendly. I look out my front door and see the houses opposite then trees. I stand in my backyard and can see tree-covered hills.

Where else can you go shopping at your local Woolies and be almost surrounded by bush. Took these photos recently when I nipped in to buy dog food.

I mean what a view! From a supermarket carpark of all things!

I drive for 20 or 30 mins in one direction I'm at the coast on some lovely beaches. The opposite direction I'm in the wineries or tasting cheeses. Go south and I'm in the Central Coast, head north and there's Port Stevens.

On top of that there are people I knew back in Sydney that I got away from. My life became less worrisome, less stressful. Now I can fully relax.

I can spend my days writing books, painting pictures, reading, pottering about in my garden picking fruit and veggies. Making jams and marmalades, playing with my fur babies. Life is bloody good! 

Teddy is growing. I have the feeling he is going to be enormous. The first photo he was 2 months old, the 2nd, almost the same pose, he was 4 months.

When I got him he weighed 4.8kgs. Now he is over 16kgs. It's going to be interesting seeing what weight/size he ends up. Fozzie was 23kgs but I am sure Teddy will be heavier.

Thursday, 1 July 2021

Lego Addiction...

 Been a foggy start to the day. Actually the fog rolled in just after two. I'd taken Teddy outside at 11:30pm and it was clear skies. The stars were so bright and clear but then when we went out again around two there was a layer of fog. Even at 10 in the morning it was only starting to lift. I could barely make out the bush behind the houses opposite.

Rain on and off is predicted from this afternoon onwards for the week. Bad news for my yard - it's already soaked. Water squelches up as you walk - it's been raining here on and off for the past week.

Still the winter veggies are loving it. All of my blueberry bushes (5) have buds forming and I just picked the first crop of snow peas.

Teddy decided they tasted pretty good so it was a race to pick them before he ate them. I managed to pick just over 1/4 of kilo, which I thought was good for the first pick of the season.

My Lego building bug is still in force. I finished the Assembly Square and added it to my little street. Looks so cool. I love all the little features. Inside each level of the buildings there is so much detail - toilets (lol), gaol cell, ovens, microwaves, flowers, etc.

I would love to get the Detective's Office and the Parisian Restaurant but because they are discontinued by lego the price (if you can find them) has sky-rocketed by a few hundred dollars.

I got the latest build - a Lego typewriter! Can't believe how great it is. The keys moves as does the carriage. It was a fiddly build to make - trying to ensure everything fitted so things moved without jamming but I managed it.

Once the build is finished Lego supply you with a sheet of typewritten storyline but I decided to slide in the opening chapter of the book that won an award at the start of the year.


Tuesday, 15 June 2021

New Blog...

 After discovering I'd been hacked by some bitcoin idiot, sadly I've deleted my old blog and started a new one.

It's disappointing to have to lose so much but after spending hours trying to solve the problem I was left with no other alternative. I left the old one up for a week with a message then  permanently deleted it.

On the home front, Teddy has settled in well and it growing at a rapid rate. He is over 10kgs now and when I got him was 4.8kg. He is learning commands and goes to puppy school. Mind you the other 6 puppy at the school are all tiny. Teddy is the 2nd youngest but considering the heaviest of the others is 3kg you can imagine what a giant Teddy looks against them.

He also considers he is a lapdog. Not sure what I'll do when he is fully grown. I expect he will be larger than Fozzie. His coat is a glorious colour - sort of a milk coffee and he has a cream spot on his chest.

Spot has no trouble being around him - although he does tend to tease Teddy. Callie on the other hand spent the first 4 weeks under one of the spare beds. She has now come out and interacting with him. As long as he doesn't get too friendly she's fine with him.

My backyard is a nice size with plenty of room for my gardens and fruit trees as well as room for the cats and dog to wander. Unfortunately a few weeks ago Spot found a way out. But he had no other way of getting back in except to bang on the front door. 

For weeks I would sneakily watch him when he was outside, blocking off any area I could think of but he still got out. Finally last Saturday night I saw him escape! The bugger was using a grevillea as a spiral staircase onto the top of the fence. 

Sunday morning bright and early he got out again. I attempted to block off the offending area while he was out the front but heard a cat fight. Raced out to find an empty front yard. For hours I called and called. Spot loves his food but lunch time came and went. I was distraught. When there was no sign or sound of meowing by late afternoon I put a note in the closest neighbour's letterboxes in case he was hiding.

Then close to 5 I heard a faint meow. It was coming from down the street and I found him stuck in a drain. It took some doing plus a lot of skin off my hands to squeeze him back out but he was safe if not rather dishevelled and dirty.

The bugger still managed to get out on Monday so Tuesday morning the tree was lopped down to a metre. I'll keep it as a sort of hedge rather than it's full height of 5 metres. Since then there have been no escapes so I have my fingers crossed that his adventuring is over.